Residential Services

Air Conditioning & Heating System Repair

When it comes to HVAC services, experience counts. Deon Arnold Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving homeowners in Fayetteville, NC for decades now, and we’d love to become your first-choice heating and air conditioning company!

From heating system repair to air conditioner troubleshooting, you can rely on us for all your HVAC needs. To learn more about our air conditioning & heating system repairs, installations & more, call our experts today and let us make you comfortable!

The day your HVAC system breaks down, call us right away. If your air conditioner doesn’t keep your home cool and comfortable, a quick repair is a necessity. Call us, and we’ll determine what’s causing the issue and the best fix. Some of the issues your unit could be facing are faulty wiring, frozen coil, the outside unit or fan is not working properly, or your unit is low on refrigerant.

Our air conditioning contractors would typically find these issues with regularly scheduled maintenance. If your heating system crashes on a cold winter day, we’ll come take a look and get it up and running again as quickly as we can. For any of your air conditioning & heating system repair needs, you can rely on us!

New system installations

Free estimates on system replacements. Reason why your old system is costing you money and why it would benefit replacing it for a newer, more efficient system. Lower utility bills, better comfort levels, if selling your home makes it more attractive to sell with a New system than an old one sitting there. Next to buying your home, the replacement of the HVAC is the next major expense.


HVAC - NC Lic # 10528 H1, H2, H3
Electrical - NC Lic #18928 SP-PH
Refrigeration - NC Lic #2618